Fly Fish Journal

I wasn’t going to pay for it. I found the only copy in my local Barnes & Noble, barely visable in the “Sports” section of the news stand behind a misplaced rap magazine.

I flipped open to an article called “Eden’s Tarpon” and couldn’t put the mag down after that. I read almost the whole thing just standing there. It has great photography, interesting writing, no top ten lists, no “look at me Ma, I’m fly fishing” articles, and even a solid Head reference.

I was going to shelve it but then decided these guys need to get paid so they can keep doing it. $15. And thanks for the bluefish love.

4 thoughts on “Fly Fish Journal”

  1. $15 bucks for a magazine? Eeeeesh! i was looking at a wrestling mag that featured the 500 greatest matches ever. At $9, i thought it was a bit much to sate my guilty pleasure….

  2. You guys seem to have a great selection of mags over there . . Over here we have four ! I bought one in the states called river journal or something . . It was full of adverts however the writing and photography was great !

  3. Yeah we do have a ton of fly fishing media to rifle through but some stand out more than others, for sure.

    Think of that $15 as three Subway sandwiches, or a beer at Yankee stadium.

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