Things You Don't Like To See at the Launch Ramp


Sleepy alligator in the noon day sun...

That shadow across its back is from my head. It was actually closer before I fumbled for my camera. Gators don’t mind the brackish too bad, do they?



9 thoughts on “Things You Don't Like To See at the Launch Ramp”

  1. I admit, I’ve been tempted by the blue skies and sandy beach pictures…plus a few TV shows featuring Florida as the place to be, but I’m not so sure how I would feel about fishing with under water ankle biters (or is it foot removers?) like that.
    Idaho and it’s harmless water snakes feels oh so safe right now.

  2. @Rob it was chilling under the dock at the ramp and swam under the trailer after we backed it in.

    @MG I cast one of those stealth poppers you sent me. Any theories as to why he didn’t take it?

    @Roughfisher If I had a 12w I’d be wearing new boots.

    @Rebecca The gators really won’t bother you unless you bring along a snack-sized dog. But the snakes down there, the water moccasins–man those things really freak me out. Rob and MG can tell you about those evil creatures.

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