9 thoughts on “Things You Don’t Like To See at the Launch Ramp”

  1. I admit, I’ve been tempted by the blue skies and sandy beach pictures…plus a few TV shows featuring Florida as the place to be, but I’m not so sure how I would feel about fishing with under water ankle biters (or is it foot removers?) like that.
    Idaho and it’s harmless water snakes feels oh so safe right now.

  2. @Rob it was chilling under the dock at the ramp and swam under the trailer after we backed it in.

    @MG I cast one of those stealth poppers you sent me. Any theories as to why he didn’t take it?

    @Roughfisher If I had a 12w I’d be wearing new boots.

    @Rebecca The gators really won’t bother you unless you bring along a snack-sized dog. But the snakes down there, the water moccasins–man those things really freak me out. Rob and MG can tell you about those evil creatures.

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