A Shoeless Salvation

At the moment I’ve got three goals in life: To play an acoustic set in a dive bar, catch a 100-pound tarpon on fly, and live somewhere where I never have to wear shoes again.

Ted Williams (the hitter, fighter pilot and fisher) 0nce boasted that he would never have to wear a tie. Good on that, but his time came before business casual. Put me in a place where I don’t have to wear anything more cumbersome than flops and it’ll be alright.

New York’s good for a lot of things but come November it’s time again to feel the restrictions of protective footwear. In a few weeks the stripers that I never seem to have time to fish for will be gone and there will be people in locales way south of the Mason Dixon still worried about sun poisoning and of fish ripping the line off the deck and busting their knuckles on a backing run.

Say what you want about living where you live but odds are it doesn’t have a saving grace that compares to that.

14 thoughts on “A Shoeless Salvation”

  1. Nice photo Pete.

    Make some time for Long Key in April to take more photos.

    And invest in some Teva Dozers….way more comfortable than flip flops.


  2. I will not rub it in but the national shoe where I live is most definitely the flip flop. I think it is also considered an option as many do not even wear anything on their feet.
    Tight lines and free toes

  3. Breath steamed from my mouth as I trudged from my truck to the wash at 5 AM today. The leak in my waders woke me up more than my 20-ounce milk-no-sugar from 7-11. After the first fish was released, caffeine became irrelevant. By the eight fish, which I killed and kept, I was ready for a nap–which I took on a blanket after stripping down to(damp) jeans and a sweatshirt.

    Great post, Pete. Just remember: There’s no such thing as bad weather; only bad clothing.

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