"What's with the sunglasses? Who are you, Van Johnson?" --Uncle Leo

A lot of so called necessary accouterments can be shed when getting down to the core simplicities of fishing. Not the shades. All the shit we’re going to get under the tree next week to help us in our pursuits, exchange it back and get the proper eye coverage. Through your eyes is how you want it all to go down, burned into your occipital lobe for recall when you’re doing something mundane at a later date.

I find donning the polarized helps me in all facets of life–driving in the rain, walking, glancing askew. I prop them up on the hat or head indoors and forget they’re there, leading to exchanges like the following:

You got your sunglasses on your head, man…

Yeah it was sunny earlier…

It’s night now…

Yeah, I know.

You look like a damn fool.

Thanks for noticing.

10 thoughts on “Shades”

  1. I can keep expensive sunglasses. They get lost. I end up sporting $15 polarized lenses… they help, just without the style.

  2. I live in Boston but make a trip to Florida every winter. When I’m down there I where my glasses all day long everyday. When I get back, I then have to endure,”Do you have a sunglass tan?” until next spring.

  3. I have to say….have been eyeing a certain style of Kaenons for ages. Finally pulled the trigger the other day after some day-drinking (college bowl games were on!)

    Had to pool together a gift certificate and a partial early Valentines Day present to pull it off but they are all mine and I am wearing them right now at 6.55 pm inside while reading your blog



  4. my daughter’s gravatar showing up with my email. hmm, kinda prefer the japanese eraser chick to blond wig new orleans chick

    but anyhoo, back to sunglassess….did I mention I love my new kaenons?

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