HOW-TO: 5-Step DIY Rod Tube

1. Go to hardware store.

2. Buy PVC stuff

3. Glue PVC stuff together

4. Breathe in PVC Glue, depress nervous system

5. Adorn with accumulated stickers

[Inspiration derived from Urbn Outdoors last spring. He went further, making rod socks and streamer cases.]

UPDATE: Original inspiration goes WAY BACK to the Headmaster of the Brownline School, JP the Roughfisher. Here’s his original post, with apologies for not remembering where I got the idea.

9 thoughts on “HOW-TO: 5-Step DIY Rod Tube”

  1. 1. Good stuff.
    2. I prefer a bag full of lacquer, myself.

    but I got a question…

    Are you an 8-ball man? Or a 9-ball kinda fellow? Or maybe a nice game of one pocket is the thing for you…

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