7 thoughts on “We Are Now Accepting Free Tickets to Finland”

  1. Cool, make sure you guys get some pictures of the Pike and post them up after the tournament. These suckers get big and I want to see how big they are over near you!

  2. If no one offers up the full ticket within a few weeks, might I suggest a community couch shakedown to gather up the funds for your ticket (because everyone should help out a fellow fisherman)
    I know my couch is usually worth at least 5 bucks in lost change~

    1. I hate change. I throw it in a beer stein and when that’s full I empty the stein into a large ziploc freezerbag. I need to find where I put those and see if I’ve got the scratch to get overseas.

  3. Great Pike!

    I know when I need cash for something like this I find anything and everything that I can and put it up for sale on eBay or Craig’s List. Last year around this time I made close to $800 by selling some old laptops that were only good for parts.

    It’s amazing what people will buy, that you might think is only junk to you.

    Good luck!

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