FLORIDA: Tarpon Foot Work

Canal tarpon caught by Marshall DeMott.

The thing about Florida is, the accessible water to fly fish by foot can be staggering if you know where to find it, especially if you know which back waters serve as juvenile detention centers for the progeny of silver kings.

Marshall DeMott, a fly fishing guide based in Naples (and a regular at Flies and Fins), sent word of his hard work turned good fortune on a recent outing.

Most of you know that a good day on the canal is maybe two hookups….this was exceptional and we think the extremely cold weather shut down the hunger drive and when it warmed up, the Tarpon raided the lunch box.”

Well played.

9 thoughts on “FLORIDA: Tarpon Foot Work”

  1. Fly fishing on foot is what I want but you still need a boat to get there.That’s not happening any time soon
    I heard on Tampa TV yesterday that there have been massive kills of snook and the season will be closed .Very strict regs on tarpon and bone fish as well
    Anyone else hear this?

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