STRIPED BASS: Driving a Good Thing Into The Ground

Earlier this month the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC), which essentially decides the fate of the striped bass population along the coast in terms of cull numbers, voted to increase the commercial catch quota.
This despite evidence on the front lines that the stripers aren’t doing as hot as the numbers suggest.
People had some strong opinions about it:
Years ago I wrote that Flyfishing guides like me may have a unique perspective on the striped bass fishery because of time-on-the-water and the inherent difficulty in the method.  Thus, we are perhaps the first to see what could be the beginning of a very serious problem.”
This stock has problems mounting on all fronts, and managers seem content to wring everything they can from it before the party ends,” said Richen Brame, CCA’s Atlantic Fisheries director.
From the Boston Globe:
The difference now is that there are signs of problems with striped bass again. Officials at the Atlantic States Commission say stripers are still abundant and are not being overfished. But data highlight a troubling trend: Young fish are getting harder to find in Chesapeake Bay.”
From The Capital in Annapolis:
But Americans can exhibit a real talent for driving a good thing into the ground.”

One thought on “STRIPED BASS: Driving a Good Thing Into The Ground”

  1. The situation is getting pretty serious. I hope more will get on board, and try to bring the fishing back in the bay.The conservation efforts tend to become bureaucratic issue of a special interest group. Good luck

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