Signs of Hope and Spring


I did not catch a carp today. No matter. I saw several, an unexpected bonus of a muni park visit.

The mercury spiked to 60 degrees today, and most of the remaining snow melted away. I took the baby daughter to the park to look at ducks and swans and whatnot.

Last fall I met up with Creek Addict and we hit a park pond with many similar characteristics. Real shallow with the potential for sight fishing. I never noticed signs of life in this here pond before, but I was never really looking, either.

The sun came out, I dropped down the polarized. I noticed movement. We walked up to a higher vantage point and I could see them. Three or four carp moving sluggishly around the middle of the pond. This bodes well for spring. And for me catching one of those fat bastards on fly within the calendar year. Goddammit it’s starting to get ridiculous. I’ll be back.

6 thoughts on “Signs of Hope and Spring”

  1. I didn’t have a rod with me, so today was scouting not a skunk, man.

    Thanks for the fly suggestions. Should help me get on it before all of our kids graduate from high school.

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