The Fallacy of the Predetermined Outcome

As far as I can gather the expression came first from the mouths of baseball analysts. It basically means there is no such thing as “if only,” there is only the way it is. It works, too, when the fly is presented and the fish is willing and able and the expectation is not met.


…the knot held

…the hook didn’t straighten

…the fly didn’t foul

…the loop didn’t tail

…the wind didn’t gust

…the fish didn’t miss

There’s football wisdom at play here, too. Like Bill Parcells said, You are what your record says you are.

3 thoughts on “The Fallacy of the Predetermined Outcome”

  1. “You are what your record says you are.”

    I conclude from this that I suck. Or maybe FL just doesn’t give breaks to the old guard anymore? Naw…I suck.

  2. Yeah well….you know…we just come here to fish hard I mean you know….catch some fish….you know? MG can’t stop me neither. He ain’t got game to hang with me….I mean he can be there an all but I mean I gonna be there you know…rippin’ lip…you know….All I gotta do is get my casts in…you know



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