Advancements in Fly Fishing Body Art

Cody's arm, pre-red slash

In the trout and trout art sense, Utah is happening. First, Corey Kruitbosch knocked it out with the recent Drake cover and conceptual fly tying photo-essay.

Then my friend and former colleague Cody (Chris) sends word about how he’s preparing for the upcoming streamer season. The artwork for his new ink comes courtesy of a barter deal with his friend Jason Merkley, a painter of trout. Next is the coloring phase. Cody writes, “It’s  supposed to be a Utah cutthroat, which will obviously become more apparent after the telltale slash of red is added.”

2 thoughts on “Advancements in Fly Fishing Body Art”

  1. Pete,

    Thanks for posting my Utah Cuttie. I’ll send you updates as it gets colored in.

    @ Corey, thanks bro. We gotta hit some water this year for sure.

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