So You Want To Catch a Bass, Son?

Pre-tournament scouting results

The first thing you do is drive west. Past all the planned communities and through the endless horizon of cane fields, some thick with smoke from controlled burn, and make your way to the big lake.

Then drive onto and over the levee and the single lane bridge and meet buddy Don at the launch ramp. Don is a tournament bass fisherman. He’s pre-fishing and you’re going along for the ride, skating at 60 on the pad.

The ride takes you through some tight on the quick.

Don can do some things with a baitcaster in his hand. He’s working the bass in shallow, going off the grid and you’re trying to cast your fly rod in and around the tall grass and strip your so-called weedless through the  dense vegetation.

Hitting on the Gambler.

The bass key in on that soft Gambler. You can watch them follow your fly back to the boat but only the little button bucks take action. You’ll let Don have all those seven-pounders come tournament time.

Who let that fly rod slide into the quiver?

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