My Life As A Hand Model

©Tosh Brown Photography.

You can see a few more close-ups of my digits in Tosh Brown’s gallery here.

There are actually a lot of pictures of better fly anglers, as it’s the second wave of photos from our in-progress book project. It ain’t about me. It’s about guys like Bob Popovics and the Salty Flyrodders and Jason Puris and John Page Williams. Guys who drop what they’re doing and alter their life patterns around the migrations of fish. And also the guides and conservationists who make it all their life’s work.

We’ve got a couple of more legs to go, and some of us have a couple thousand more words to write, but it’s all good.

11 thoughts on “My Life As A Hand Model”

  1. You should learn the lesson I have on the Underground; write all the sappy fly fishing prose you want, but at the end of the day, a good bikini pic wins out every time (by a lot).

    Consider altering your book concept just a little…

    1. Pete –

      Considering Tom’s advice; maybe we should have done the Jersey shoot when Snooki and the Guidettes were back for another summer of filming?

  2. My hands are worn out casting .They are in the Peconics but haven’t yet come around the point to head farther east

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