11 thoughts on “Amongst Our Weaponry”

  1. Dude, one word: Gotcha. Tie up a few of those bad boys in several sizes and weights. My go-to big bonefish fly? This dude right here: . #2 hook (Mustad Signature Big Game Lt, 2x-strong, for preference), medium lead eyes (for 2-4 ft of water), and craft fur wing and tail. Don’t sweat the tippet—go big and strong, at least 16-lb for the big boys and maybe even 20-lb if they start to break you off. Use a loop knot on this big stuff and the fly will still ride sweet and pretty. Yup.

  2. Throw in some Merkins, make the wing on the gotcha’s a bit longer than you might think, put some barring on some of those wings, put some rabbit in place of the Craft Fur on some… so many variations… tie up some old school patterns like Horrors. Have fun. Catch some fish on your own ties.

    Email me your address and I’ll send you a few flies.


    1. …put some rabbit in place of the Craft Fur on some…

      Definitely. I’ve become a little anti-craft fur anyway – stuff can be brittle!

  3. My personal all-time favorite bonefish fly material: the Original Craft Fur (blond). Stuff is pretty hard to find now, actually, cause I’m not talking about the cheap-@$$ed “Select” Craft Fur (which is pretty much a guaranteed tangle on your first cast). Nor am I referring to the stuff by Darice which you can pick up at most craft stores for a 10th of what a flyshop charges (though I still buy if from fly shops anyways).

    This stuff is like the best thing ever: it’s translucent, pretty tough, flexible, feathered, non-buoyant, and non absorbent. I’m talking about the original Rainy’s Craft Fur. That’s the stuff. You can use it for wings, make streamers with it, dub the underfur to make great shrimp bodies, or even figure-eight the underfur in to make crab bodies. Yeah, baby.

    Sure, sure, it’s not super-crazy durable, but it’s not like I’ve ever run out of bonefish flies anyways. I mean, it only takes few minutes to whip up a Gotcha or Charlie or Christmas Island Special.

    Anyways, man, good luck down there.

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