Suburban Mobile Death Squad

Pipe bomb? No Cochise. A DIY rod tube, gleaned from the pages of the Roughfisher encyclopedia.

Here are said parameters. Lately, with an hour to fish and the nearest saltwater access a half hour away, and the 10  minute effort of suiting up the waders and stripping basket, the need arises to adapt. Months of recon and a built-in nav unit have helped distill the fishable waters within a 15-minute radius to an efficient loop reminiscent of a squad car patrol.

The suburbs rank for raising children but on the fishing Richter scale they register barely above zero. No matter. The fish available don’t know they’re supposed to suck. And with an ocean in the backyard, the banks are usually freed up to assail them in solitude.

I’ll take the hour. The all-purpose six-weight and dime-store reel remain ready in the front seat.

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