Selfish Herd Theory

Schooling bunker

The Selfish Herd Theory is based on the premise that, when an animal is targeted as prey, it bands together with others of its kind in hopes that the predator will eat the other one. When groups of animals are being hunted, it’s obviously safer in the center than along the periphery of the heard. Put you between me and the beast and maybe we’ll both be alright, but mostly me.

Schooling up in ever-tightening concentric circles of a bait ball serves menhaden well when bluefish are shredding, and old W.D. Hamilton looks pretty smart for his premise.

But this natural defense doesn’t work so well when an Omega Protein boat circles its nets.

Go to Save the Menhaden and see how to help save this integral cog in the oceanic food chain from collapse.

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