Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, Bluefish

I get it: The idea is to keep pushing yourself, to find the bigger challenge, to cast to a fish that tests all of your abilities, or resides just beyond them, and hopefully get rewarded.

But sometimes it’s not such a bad thing to hit up a fish where your cast just has to be good enough and when it sees your fly, actually wants to eat.

6 thoughts on “Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, Bluefish”

  1. I hear you can stick a finger in the water and those things will eat it.

    Please test this theory for us and report back with a photo essay (from the emergency room).

  2. I love bluefish. The haters are missing out.

    MG, why the animosity? Payback for hitting you in the head with a gotcha?

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