Culinary Adventures of the Angling Traveler, Part 1

For a week straight I popped ciproflaxin, metronidazole, and loperamide from a Pez dispenser. The forces within rebelled like William Munny on a bender, making me reexamine my place in the universe. Starting with, why did I eat the fried mullet?

Good question.

I saw it on the menu and it brought me way back to the 20th century and a day at McSorley’s with my buddy ML and how rounds into it a man and his wife and their divorcee ladyfriend from Mobile wound into the conversation and by night’s end invited us to the mullet toss, until ML started making out with the divorcee who was really just separated and that was the end of it.

I said then if I ever did get to write for a magazine I’d find a way to the Florabama Lounge and Package, and wound up throwing a dead mullet over state lines. And after reading in a book called Mulletheads about cracker popsicles and smoked mullet I ate some and it was good.

Doesn’t mean history repeats itself or that the deep fryer kills off anything left unrefrigerated.

But goddamm the fishing was good and Tosh Brown took a bunch of pictures of it.

8 thoughts on “Culinary Adventures of the Angling Traveler, Part 1”

  1. Feel better!!! Please give me a heads up when you book becomes available .I need a few more books to bulk out my Library:-)or an excuse to get another coffee table

  2. you’re the one that somehow figured that Denim and Diamonds was a sound destination for the evening. then i had a bachelorette remove my boxers’ tag with her teeth… ahh, good times, good times…

  3. @ Tosh, I’m personally responsible for at least two baitballs in those picks

    @Crowldawg, looking like next summer, according to the powers that be, dependent in some on my ability to meet deadlines

    @Rob, I will eat mullet again. I learn nothing from my mistakes.

    @”Steve” we should just go to the Florabama next spring

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