A Celebration of Our Self Indulgence, With a History

In the beginning, there was Alistair.

Then there was Dean Burris and I think Moldy Chum and a bunch of bass guys, and I started a blog that year (2003) and said and linked to a bunch of stupid things.

Murdock was around somewhere early on.

It felt like being on the cutting edge of the early SoCal punk scene only not really.

More like gambling at those crappy casinos off the strip where you don’t want to sit down on the naugahyde because you might catch something but it’s a two-dollar table and you’re out of options.

Then Tom Chandler started TU and all the sudden you realized your blog was going to go way underground because you weren’t actually saying anything.

And good dudes showed up like the Yellowstoner.

Then there was Ass Hooked Whitey and he was pretty hilarious and Buster Wants To Fish came through like a Mack truck in a Metallica video and, where was I going with this?

I was at a dinner table when someone asked a well known fly fisherman if he read the blogs and he said  F**K no and it made me laugh out loud.

Anyway, glad to see some represented.

Check it all out in the Blogger’s issue of Bloodknot.

4 thoughts on “A Celebration of Our Self Indulgence, With a History”

  1. See, I’m not even sure if I’ve been dissed here or not. Am I supposed to cap someone? (Notice my firm command of hip, gangsta-style slang.)

    As for the well-known fly fisherman, I wonder if fly fishing’s celebrities know how rarely some of us read the mainstream mags, or buy celebrity books, or visit show seminars, or watch TV shows, or…

  2. Nah, you weren’t being dissed. If there is any dissing undertaken here, it’s usually at my own expense.

    As for the guy’s comment, I thought it was pretty funny. Should be noted he was smiling when he said it.

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