Foot Power or Horsepower?

The following is an actual email exchange between me and a friend who’s a recalcitrant surfcaster

SURF CASTER: Boats are for pussies.

ME: Boats are an excellent choice when you’re where the fish aren’t.

SURF CASTER: Why would you go where the fish aren’t in the 1st place?

Don’t care if the propulsion comes from me and a paddle or an inline four-cylinder combustion engine. All things being equal, I’d rather die by the boat.


8 thoughts on “Foot Power or Horsepower?”

  1. I am actually a big fan of boating. But, it’s just a sport that doesn’t meet every one’s budget – mine included. It’s not just the initial purchase of the boat, it’s also about all the expenses coming along with a boat ownership like maintenance, storage and insurance.
    Thank God there are still other options and ways than fishing from a boat.

  2. i won’t say boats are for pussies but being a poor 18 year old i kind of get a huge since of enjoyment when i have to wade to get to fish. when i convince my non fly fishing buddies to fish with me they always bitch about walking, say they don’t feel safe wadding where we are, or complain about how the mud in the marsh stinks and sinks and i always just try to say “hard work pays off” with a convincing voice

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