You Laugh and, Laughing, Fall Apart

In Florida for work STOP Crazy bass water near my hotel STOP Broke out black popper of doom 2.0 STOP Biggest largemouth of my life crushed it STOP I said CRUSHED it STOP It wrapped the leader on vegetation STOP Clinch knot failure STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP

I’ll remember that sumbitch for the next 30 years.

14 thoughts on “You Laugh and, Laughing, Fall Apart”

  1. I’ts always the ones that rattle the bones that haunt us for years and yrs. Still, lets be greatful you were out fishing and not sitting behind a desk Pete!

  2. WTF’s a “clinch knot”? Is that a trout thing, hmmm… something to do with dry flies or purty little streamers? No really, what’s that. I only know one knot, and that’s a bowline. If ya can’t git er done w/ that, then it ain’t gittin done. Period.

    Sorry. I don’t know where that came from. Repression is a wonderful thing.

  3. Thompson, this is your attorney. To get you through this crisis of confidence we have authorized unlimited credit to your expense account. Remain in Florida as long as it takes to find the fish, write the story and exorcise these demons. And tie a proper knot for pete’s sake.

  4. Drink already drank.

    I’d say 7 maybe 13 pounds.

    To my attorney, as advised, I am driving at top speed.

    The bowline is an A plus knot for many varied applications

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