13 thoughts on “Now, the Smallmouth Segment of our Program”

  1. smallmouth are the third-line center on a hockey team. they don’t brag very much but they kick a lot of ass. you can’t win without them and they are usually good company.

  2. my coment was not meant to imply nefarious angling methods. just noting what i thought was rather obvious pregnancy, and the fact that, try as i might, i find smallies to be disgusting–and i love fish.

    in more positive news, i actually caught a bunch of smallies sunday!while i found them hideous to look at, the smell they left on my hands took me back to my childhood. these smelled like the mountain trout of my childhood, and i longed for a fry pan, some bacon grease and a baggie of dad’s old cornmeal and flour mix.

    next time those red-eyed creepies will be aggressively harvested…

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