Carp Sex

I had a small window of time to get it done today, my only alloted fishing time this week.

The carp were getting it done, too. Full on spawn.

Funny how pheramones and the need to proliferate trump all. On a normal day these fish spook at the sound of a footstep on the bank at 80 feet. Today, I could have lobbed grenades in the water and they would have doubled back and reconvened with purpose.

All I could do was break down the rod, pull out the camera, and get some grainy voyeur shots for posterity.

8 thoughts on “Carp Sex”

  1. Brings back memories of observing carp lust at the $20 Hole on the Big Horn.
    Used to fish from the west side and alert all the dudes to the “HUGE browns” in the shallows on the other bank.

  2. Tried to make an obscure movie reference with that, to when Jack Black’s band, named such, sings “Let’s Get It On.”

  3. Yeah… I was in Erie this past weekend watching some serious carp porn. They were so engrossed in passion that they hardly new we were there.

    Managed to trick a few of the ugly ones that couldn’t get a date but it was pretty tough sledding.

    Great pics.


    1. I had my best day carlin’ about three weeks ago when they where pounding the underside of the floating docks. Maybe I was just able to hook the hungry ones post deed. HUNDREDS of carp were around, and most were gettin’ their hump on.

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