First Show

My good friend JC took his son Ben to his first show the other day, age three. The boy’s growing up on a steady diet of Austin City Limits.

I was 13 the first year I went to a concert: U2 at the old Hollywood Sportatorium. I think after that it was Jimmy Cliff at the Carefree in West Palm.

Good to get them started early, so they don’t get sucked into the vast ominous void of bubblegum pop.

7 thoughts on “First Show”

  1. Excellent starts, both Ben’s and yours. I’m showing my age here, but my first concert was at age 14 when I went to Raleigh’s dinky Dorton Arena to see Mr. James Hendrix on his Are You Experienced tour. The imprint remains.

  2. Damn, Mike, and I thought I was dating myself with U2. Not many people can say they saw Mr. Hendrix.

  3. I missed Hendrix play the Star Spangled Banner upstate. Poor planning on my part. I got married that weekend. Just barely 21.
    My fishing fool son turned me on to Mr Bingham

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