Gas Light, On

10 Pounds of Esox Lucious - The last fish of significance

I’m running on fumes, fellas.

For the record, I am not Fishing Jones. I started this blog 7.5 years ago because I had a fishing jones. I don’t like going long stretches off the water, and this has been one. May started off with such promise, with nine days on the water in the first 14. I had to turn down trips to keep true to the ones to which I had committed. Then the wheels came off and it has been a solid stretch of nothingness and staring at photographs (see above).

In the words of Rakim, “I get a craving, like a fiend for nicotine. But I don’t need a cigarette, know what I mean?”

That changes this week. I’m busting out of the inlet at 6000 rpm and blowing the doors off this place.

Fat slobbery striped fish, you and me are going to make acquaintance.

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