The Only Time I Bit The Cork

Urban Striper. Documented.

Thanksgiving 2002. I don’t know why I felt compelled to do it, maybe an insecure need to prove I actually did catch that bass on a fly rod. Although in reality it proves nothing; it could have been a stage prop for all you know. (It wasn’t, piss off.)

A recent post by Bows and Browns reminded me of my personal evolution in fish-related point and shoot.

I have a large catalogue of hero shots that will likely sit unviewed for generations until my offspring’s progeny discover them in a hidden box and discard them after the estate sale.

For a while I wanted to document everything. I bought a sleek and compact Elph and thought that Eastman Kodak really hit on something big there, only to throw it in a drawer after purchasing my first digital and taking advantage of all 3.8 megapixels.

Taking one or two pictures per season increased to one or two a trip, then ballooned into memory cards filled with images of me and my friends and sometimes total strangers hoisting bodies. I filled three albums with pictures depicting some variation of the fish across the midsection, a montage of bad lighting and autofocus.

The last pages of the last album remain unfilled. If anthropologists look only at these and not my hard drive, they’ll hypothesize I quit fishing or died in 2006.

The digital cam is still a bad habit–the waterproof version is point and shoot oxycontin–but the fish burned into silicon always seem diminished. But the ones that exist only in the hippocampus somehow get meaner in recollect.

5 thoughts on “The Only Time I Bit The Cork”

  1. On fly rod placement:
    The fly rod is best placed in the frame nonchalant, as if by accident, and in a place where it may have been naturally dropped out of the way. It is important that the reel is in the frame because from a distance a rod just looks like a rod unless the lighting is good enough to illuminate the line. But then you have to worry about some errant thumbnail floating around without the resolution to prove you are awesome and a fly fisherman and better than anyone who catches a fish with anything else.

  2. You know, memory cards have given me some unintended benefits. I have to admit that I edit a lot more with digi than I ever did with film. Only the good stuff survives anymore. Could be the psychological lead that hitting delete is a lot easier than throwing out something you had to pay for. Who knows?

  3. Video of landing that Striper on a fly rod would have been priceless. I try to keep the HD Flip and my digital cannon both in my tackle box, however; I fish often fish alone so action shots are hard to come by.

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