Epoxy For Example

Maybe it’s the need to further simplicity, maybe it’s a stubbornness to stick with a go-to that continually works over a broad spectrum of species and conditions. But fish that eat other fish tend to like these hard-headed flies with big eyes and synthetic hair. With stuff like Clear-Cure Goo they take two minutes to tie and last until you lose them or your knot fails.

I’ve likely repeated this thought far too many times in photos and typed words, but until something doesn’t work, it does. Know what I’m saying?

5 thoughts on “Epoxy For Example”

      1. St. Andrews up in Boca. I didn’t start peacock bass fishing until after I moved out of state, though. Work brings me down there a lot but as you know it’s not easy to fish the salt on foot so peacocks became my diversion.

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