The Ultimate Internal BS Destroyer

The thing I like to read when the alibis and distractions start piling up.

–Charles Bukowski, The Last Night of the Earth

8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Internal BS Destroyer”

  1. I’ll never forget the first time I read CB. It was like someone had taken an RPG to all the poetry I’d ever read (and rolled my eyes at) previously. I still haven’t found anyone else who has done it better.

    1. I watched a documentary where he was described as having “no time for metaphor.”

      He also wrote one of my favorite passages on writing and writers:

      “I left Vicki , went upstairs, crouched over the typewriter, and looked out the window. It was hopeless. All my life I had wanted to be a writer and now I had my chance and it wouldn’t come. There were no bullrings and boxing matches or young senoritas. There weren’t even any insights. I was fucked. I couldn’t get the word down and they’d backed me into a corner. Well, all you had to do was die. But I’d always imagined it differently. I mean, the writing. Maybe it was the Leslie Howard movie. Or reading about the life of Hemingway or D.H. Lawrence. Or Jeffers. You could get started writing in all sorts of different ways. And then you wrote a while. And met some of the writers. The good ones and the bad ones. And they all had tinkertoy souls. You knew it when you got into a room with them. There was only one great writer every 500 years, and you weren’t the one, and they most certainly weren’t the ones. We were fucked.”

  2. thank you. despite having read and celebrated (in all the ridiculous ways) Bukowski over time, I have never thought to use the digital world to bring out the man. those vids are cool. the streetscape in this one is just about right.

    1. Yeah it definitely cuts my bouts of self pity or excuse making off at the knees.

      BTW Mat I’ve tried to register for your t-shirt but I can’t seem to leave a comment on your blog.

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