The Moral Argument For Irish Pubs

A town without one is a barren town, where there are no shamrocks drawn in foam, where sparkling wine is allowed to be ordered, and where Shane Macgowan is heard only in minivan commercials.

A town with one has a first line of defense against Applebees.

Beacon for the weary


6 thoughts on “The Moral Argument For Irish Pubs”

  1. Don’t even get me started on seeing one of my favorite Pogues songs used in a fucking minivan commercial.

    First Shane gets a “proper” set of new teeth, then he lets corporate America run his song in a commercial aimed at suburban soccer moms.

    The Mayans were right.

    1. The larger problem lies with the creative teams that keep thinking it’s cutting edge to pair minivan footage with a cool song. Didn’t Volkswagen get out in front of that about 20 years ago? Time for some new concepts.

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