War Paint

Hank iii wrote about being tattooed and branded. The smallmouth bass has its own kind of markings. If the aggressive take didn’t tell you, or immediate rise to the surface with a succession of jumps followed by the rod doubling over on a thrash to the bottom, the look on its face after landing should clue you in.

It’s saying, you and me are never going to be friends.

5 thoughts on “War Paint”

  1. I’ve looked at that species of fish hundreds of times and never thought of it that way…but you’re right, they look like battle-ready Comanches, prepared to take your scalp. Great analogy.

    1. Yeah, at first glance they’re just kind of a bland brown but then when you look closely at their markings they’re actually pretty fish. In my mind, anyhow.

      1. Pete,

        Great pic and blog post. I love smallies more than any other fish – a shot of largemouth, a few shots of brown trout – they do have the brute in them, but it’s tempered a little genteel. Their camo is not flashy, but you’re right that every fish has its own fingerprint. Check out the bass I caught out of the same pool – every one had its own shade…


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