5 thoughts on “No Fracking In New York”

    1. Yeah. me too. But in the big picture this isn’t on the end user. This one is all on an industry and a government breaking a public trust in the name of profit. And the fact that this could go down in such a vital watershed is inconceivable to me.

      1. Agreed – I’ve been tracking this closely and the NY Times has written some pretty good articles as well. It looks like gas companies have paid off the right EPA officials to keep a lid on it. If I remember correctly, there was a tab on the Gasland web site that allowed you to contact your congressmen.

        This should be an issue at every TU meeting and town hall You shouldn’t be allowed to earn a living by poisoning your neighbor. It’s scary to think that in this day of 24/7 news that this type of activity goes unchecked.

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