(More) Fish I Did Not Catch

The best spot in the stream has acquired a second orange traffic cone. The stream–or creek or rivulet or mudhole–is far enough away from the road to make their appearance in it mysterious. But they do add color to an otherwise brownish palette.

The common carp that reside in this area are on the smaller side, maybe the biggest are 8-10 pounds, but they are freakishly skittish. Probably due to the fact that they are confined between two concrete waterfalls about 200 yards apart, with minimal deep water for retreat. Definitely because they are stalked by snapping turtles, two of which are about the size of a V6 engine block.

I have visited this spot four times of late and landed one fish. But I like to go there because the water is so shallow that in some spots the fish feed with their backs out of the water. And it is the closest to my house.

I fish a saltwater six weight and have been experimenting with floating line and decided to overload it with a 7-weight redfish taper. There were a half-dozen fish actively feeding and for once oblivious. I had a seam between some shore bushes and a willow tree to make a backcast and I loved the way this line loaded. Particularly after my recent frustrations with a certain monocore line.

I had created a built-in butt section with a loop for easy leader switching, and attached it to the fly line with an Albright knot. I still use the Albright to attach backing to fly line and fly line to leader even against others’ best advice, because I happen to love tying that knot. Despite its propensity to fail when not perfectly tied.

All I can say is there is a common carp now swimming there with an orange carp-crack fly in its lip and a hastily-constructed 9 1/2 foot leader in tow. Hopefully he steers clear of the traffic cones because if he gets entangled a snapping turtle is going to get him good.

9 thoughts on “(More) Fish I Did Not Catch”

  1. Wow, we have snapping turtles here in Tampa too, that can almost bite a fish clean in half!
    I don’t blame the fish for being spooked.
    I have been reading about those Asian Carp. What a worthless Fish IMHO.
    They will not take a fly, or a spin bait.
    I hope we never get them down here in Tampa

  2. I really like the first line of this. Also, I had an albright fail at the line/backing connection last fall on a salmon. Later that day another guide told me he found a yellow fly line all tangled up in a log jam near where it happened. The fish was off. He had to cut the line up to get it out of the wood.

    1. I lost a full sinking line to a false albacore due to a bad Albright knot. That was incredibly frustrating. If I remember I’ll zap the knot with a little Loon’s wader repair. But usually I forget.

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