Matts, Doing Stuff

It’s been a while since I’ve given a shout out but there’s some new stuff going on with bloggers named Matt.

Matt Stansberry has moved from Oregon back to Ohio and now runs the Great Lakes Fly Fishing Blog with his brother Nate. Matt’s a good writer and I fished with Nate for crappie one time in Central Park in NYC. Good dude.

Matt Dunn has the new Wolfe Outfitters blog up and running for the Manistee in Michigan. We await word as to how his alter ego Frank will adapt.

Matt Erdosy and his brother continue to just catch the shit out of everything.

Mat Trevors is missing a “t” but fishing at crazy parallels and giving away three-quarter sleeve t-shirts.

And Matt Smythe, the only Matt I’ve actually met and fished with in person, is giving up the fishing life with a group of friends to start a high-risk hedge fund that invests in paving, dam construction and maiming baby harp seals. (Or maybe I got the backstory wrong for “A Deliberate Life?”)

Good stuff all, Matts.

8 thoughts on “Matts, Doing Stuff”

  1. Thank you much for the shout-out, Mr. McDonald!

    I’ll continue fishing at crazy parallels but hoping to join the ‘catch the shit out of everything’ side of the ledger real soon, too.

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