My Sister’s Book

I’m guessing there’s not much of a readership crossover here, but I’m proud of my sister and her academic pursuits–the foundations of which earned her a doctorate in English and a career as a college professor.


Her book is titled Feminism, the Left, and Postwar Literary Culture. One of her reviewers wrote, “Professor McDonald’s book is a provocative and important study of left-wing women’s literary efforts in a time often thought to be devoid of such efforts. I am not aware of any sustained scholarship quite like it…”

Her book is published by the University Press of Mississippi. Way to go big sis.


10 thoughts on “My Sister’s Book”

  1. count the crossover ticker at 1, at least, because I’d read it! I’m a female former english major who daydreamed of being a college professor. where do I get it? it’s not on iTunes.

    congrats to your sister!! two accomplished writers in the family!!

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