Five Ways To Improve Your Hero Shots

1. Run them through an app like ColorMania to make them all cool with bricks or steel or to give your grip and grin a grungy or old-timey feel.

2. Eat mushrooms*, return in 40 minutes for up to six hours of intense photo enjoyment.

3. Recognize strength in numbers; collect them all in a classy leather-bound flip book to present to your friends on social occasions. They will be impressed.

4. Craft a heartfelt and literary essay to accompany the photo, thus disguising the fact that you really just wanted people to know you caught a big-ass honking fish.

5. Choose not to take the picture, denying its right to existence except in the parallel universe where you completed the act of taking it, thereby altering the multiverse on a profound metaphysical level.

*(Keep it together by putting “Mountain Jam” from At Fillmore East on repeat. This also applies to tip five.)


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