Fight Like Meat

There is no known reason for a trout to be in this pond. It is a warm water pond of municipal park vintage with no appreciable depth, a small battery of largemouth and one billion bluegill.

The bluegill hit flies when the sun is out and are at the ready when a lunchtime bend is needed. The bass have seen too many lures to let their guard down often, but when they do the results ripple through the entire containment.

In October a truck shows up full of trout and people line the banks and fill buckets. They are typically cleaned out within days, their long term prospects on par with the tank lobsters at the diner.

Honestly, from my vantage point I thought it was a bass. I had on a bluegill popper but cast it over and watched the fish turn and slash.

I waited for the jump but the fish rolled on its side like an omega dog and let me pull it to the bank.

Somehow it survived the winter I guess but I still don’t like its prospects.


10 thoughts on “Fight Like Meat”

  1. Holdovers are interesting. Even in healthy beautiful rivers (where they shouldn’t be putting the damn things in the first place), the mortality rate is something like 90%, from what I’ve hears. Still, you catch them. After a year they’ve almost gone native. They have colors on their flanks in stark contrast to the slabs of dull silver churned out by the hatcheries. Maybe there is just a few tattered fins that tell you this wasn’t born here. Lucky fish. Must be like getting the call from the governor, spared, allowed to live.

    1. I’ve fished stocked catch and release streams where the holdovers that do make it seem to go feral, but the whole truckload of troutmeat for harvest thing is unsettling at best.

    1. Your comment reminded me of a cool black and white video I once saw of Lee Wulff skating flies for brook trout. I wish I could remember where I saw it. Think it was with Joe Brooks also but I can’t find it on Google.

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