What Did You Think Mr. Little Jeans?



(With apologies to Max Fischer, as I’ve always wanted to use that line as a blog post title.)

I was fortunate enough to participate in the first iteration of Pulp Fly, found on Amazon here.

Now, there’s a second one available with quality contributions from the likes of:

Matt Dunn

Matt Smythe

Erin Block

Chris Hunt

Tosh Brown

Bob White

Michael Gracie

Alex Landeen

Tom Reed

Sarah Grigg

Will Rice

The introduction and editing are by Bruce Smithhammer and the bidness particulars by Michael Gracie.

I got to read a sneak preview and there are some serious arrangements of words in a pleasing manner. In other words, it’s good.



2 thoughts on “What Did You Think Mr. Little Jeans?”

  1. I bought it. Better be good or I’m going to bash your face on the hood of that car. Yours truly the Jerky Boys.

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