My Favorite Opening Line in Pulp Fly Vol. 2

There are 12 contributors to Pulp Fly Vol 2. (myself included) and I’ve spent time reading and rereading their contributions. With that I’ve had the chance to overanalyze each introductory sentence. I love opening sentences to stories, maybe too much. Sometimes they are in no way indicative of the quality or insight that is to come, but sometimes they are. My favorite, if I had to pick one, is Sarah Grigg’s from her essay, Eddy Speaks:

“There was a time when I just fished–not religiously or even as a sport.”

There’s a lot of weight that can be distilled from that one line, even when fully removed from the body of work and left to its own accord. It could be a nodding reference to the opening line of the most famous fly fishing story of all time–I don’t know Sarah and I haven’t asked–but even without that it stands powerful.

It brought me back to when I fished without navel gazing or gave any thought to how it would play out on social media. At some point we all started with the simple act of fishing, and we liked it. Of course that leads down the road to other things, as Sarah’s essay reveals in its unfolding.

There are other singular sentences peppered through these collected works that will catch you and surprise you and remind you that hey, maybe fly fishing is a cool thing to deep dive after all.

Check them out.

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