STEPHEN KING: The Important Part is the Story and the Talent

I work for a magazine that was once solely traditional print but now the paper mag is one part of it: The centerpiece of content delivery across many mediums.


I’ve collaborated on a hardcover photo essay book, contributed to the first two Pulp Fly ebooks and done some work for websites and paper pubs as well. Some of the paper ones are dead now but some of the websites are too¹.


Writers as a group tend to swing on a pendulum between inspired and despair, and also to complain a lot about the way things aren’t.²


But it’s not such a bad thing that there are a million ways to get words out there if you want to, whether things get sorted out the way you want them to go in this transition or not. As Stephen King says at 2:52 of this clip, “The future’s gonna be what the future’s gonna be.”


As for today, I’m going to look for inspiration from the past.


¹Most of that work is lost to the wind except for the ones I boxed up for posterity that my kids will throw out one day.

²My all-time favorite excerpt on writers and writing is this one from Charles Bukowski.

10 thoughts on “STEPHEN KING: The Important Part is the Story and the Talent”

  1. It’s an indecipherable maze to those of us who are just dipping our toes in the water. Sometimes it feels that it’s impossible to be heard in the overwhelming noise that exists “across many mediums.” Guess I’ll remain, and be happy, in my own little corner of the blogosphere.

    But as a reader, I love it.

      1. Someone described him as the 20th century’s Whitman and I think I’d have to agree. (In paraphrased context it was said in that he liberated poetry from academia and brought it to the streets. I can’t remember who said it but it was from the documentary Born Into This.)

    1. I think your corner is a damn good place to be Mike. It is hard no doubt but it’s also good to see people such as yourself, Steve Zakur, Matt Smythe, Erin Block and others put out stuff to find and be heard. Why I’m an unrepentant blogger even if only 10 people stop by.

    1. Truth. I once had a professor who said something along the lines of, who cares where your byline is as long as you stand behind what you wrote. He was talking about freelancing for print but it applies here in the 21st century.

  2. Finally getting caught up on my RSS feed (in between conf calls). Nice post, interesting thoughts. I think Erin’s got it right — it’s the readership that matters. There is a part of the ego (and the bank account) that likes getting a check for something. And my Mom understood that I could write, not as evidenced by my blog, but by my piece in The Drake. It was on paper. That made it real. But having someone read something and describing it as thoughtful or entertaining or just plain “good” is the kind of feedback we get in these online forums. Of course, it could just all be us congratulating each other but I think the market gives us evidence that that’s not entirely so. Anyway, the future will be what it will be. And I’ll be reading more of us all in that future.

  3. Crap, I just tried to post a comment and I think it got lost in the login hoopla. Lemme try that again.

    I think Erin got it right. Readership is what matters regardless of the medium. Sure the ego and the bank account like a check now and then. And my Mom sure like seeing my words in a magazine more so than she ever appreciated online. For me, this craft will likely never be a profession. But as a hobby, it’s a damn good one. The community of writers, readers and writer/readers (the best kind) have not only given me some satisfaction in this thing I do, but also help me hone what craft I have. It’s a wonderful circle.

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