The Striped Bass Conversation

People are catching stripers right now, that’s documented. Also documented is what anglers out almost every day are seeing–and not seeing.

Here’s a post from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation about how oxygen depletion is affecting striped bass.

Here’s another from Reel-Time where Capt. John McMurray details who’s really killing all the bass.

Here’s a follow up from McMurray on why we should eat bluefish not bass.

Here’s a post about how recreational anglers have lost the high ground.

There’s a 1@32pledge going around.

But maybe, for now, let ’em all go.


5 thoughts on “The Striped Bass Conversation”

  1. I have a hard time with the Capt’s articles and opinion. Its probably best not to try and make a living off a fish (see Gloucester MA). The Bubba effect certainly is a thing but so is the joy of fishing. IF you take one fish away from a population expect them to focus on another. 8-10 yrs ago when the fluke regs jumped like a fat guys blood pressure after a jog anglers turned their attention to bass. it hasnt gotten any easier to be a bass since then. But again, “if you’re a fish and don’t want to go extinct, don’t taste good” (dave skok)
    I guess we’ll be having sea robin for dinner

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