“Everyone is influenced by everybody but you bring it down home the way you feel it.” –Thelonious Monk

These kids played on Letterman and I liked the song so I listened to it again.

The baseline reminded me of this song from the Raconteurs:

Jack White supposedly gets pissed about this sort of thing (witness his feud with the Black Keys), which is funny because he basically states in the documentary It Might Get Loud that his idea for the guitar-drums ensemble came from watching the Flat Duo Jets, before they added a bass player. (He also raves about them in Two Headed Cow):

OK then.

White also once said he didn’t trust anyone who didn’t like Led Zeppelin, who might be the biggest musical plagiarists of all time.

But, hey, it’s ok to be influenced by someone else. Witness these J Roddy Walston and the Business fellows… 

..who have a Kings of Leon vibe…

But then to me they all sound a bit like Uncle Tupelo covering the Stooges:

And Uncle Tupelo is among the best of my generation and they are both heavily influenced and original all at once, which is the best kind of thing…

So bring it down home kids, there’s always room for more.

20 thoughts on “Flattery”

  1. Did Jack White note the influence of Joe Jackson on Steady, as She Goes? (Is She Really Going out with Him?)

  2. I like Led Zeppelin. I especially like exploring the roots of rock, in black America…. I like “When the Levee Breaks,” by Zeppelin, and the original that was performed in the 20’s, in America. I think they gave credit to those that came before them.

  3. so now we’re going full circle…. goober and the peas, a Detroit hill billy rock quartet which once featured jack white on drums (way before the stripes) get together every couple years for a reunion (sans jack) and 3 weeks ago they cover who else but the Zep

    you may recognize goober from his big screen work as luther from that movie starring reese withersometing “walk the line”

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