The 2015 Comeback of the Connetquot River

The first trout I ever caught, in upstate New York, came courtesy of the New York DEC stocking program. The first trout I caught on fly came courtesy of the fish hatchery at the Connetquot River. I spent a lot of time in the  1990s learning how to fly fish by targeting those stocked trout.

Brown Trout Underwater

Though I agree with everything Kirk Deeter wrote in his Fly Talk post about hatchery fish, I was sad when the Connetquot hatchery closed in 2008. And I am happy with the report from Andrew Cuomo’s office that the hatchery is reopening in 2015.

I’ve listened to others mock the Connetquot for it’s prior reputation as a trout fishing fantasyland, and I’ve written about my own conflicted thoughts about it here before.

And of course you can take it deeper and delve into why growing trout in a hatchery only masks the larger problem about why wild trout populations in the region would be unsustainable. That is all true.

swirling rainbow

But for all that it is and isn’t, the Connetquot is an excellent resource as well as a learning ground for teaching angling ethics and stream stewarship. The place demands it, and the threat of a year-long or lifetime banishment for violations is not a vacant one. (Read about the rules and etiquette on the Long Island Trout Unlimited site.)  I look forward to taking my daughters.

15 thoughts on “The 2015 Comeback of the Connetquot River”

  1. they flushed a lot of money down the toilet there years ago. throwing money back it and dumping a bunch of fish in there just doesn’t seem right.
    “the fishing really turned on once the pellets made their way down to our beat” an actual quote

  2. I always wondered if the searun brookies and rainbow fishery there ever existed . I once saw a fish under a little bridge coming out of the pond . I also wonder if the upper river has wild reproducing fish ? Perhaps beats 21thru 27 could be left on there own , and below the hatchery could be Disney ? Kind of a golf coarse and a put put coarse next to each other

      1. Yea I think there may have been a lot of myths about that place as far as ocean run fish and wild fish . What’s real is it was a fun place to fish for four hours even driving from New Jersey .

    1. Yes its nice , especially in February , and I love the way the park is kept with nature and natural environment in tact .. But after a while wild trout are what you want , the bigger the better ,but Wild Trout are something to be cherished especially here in the east .
      Are the brookies in the Carmens wild ?

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