Semper Fi

He’s lived in the house next door since 1956 and he’s always up early working in his garden or, since the fall, raking leaves.  He’s 91 now and he’s lived alone since his wife passed away. 

The other day he fell down the stairs with such velocity that he crashed through the drywall and broke his hip.  Bloodied, dazed and unable to walk he dragged himself across the entire first floor of his house and somehow knocked the phone off the wall and called for help.  

After the blizzard, another neighbor and I shoveled his driveway for him and I noticed the sticker on his back fender.  “World War II Vet. Semper Fi.”

You may lose a lot of things when you grow old, but toughness, it seems, never fades. 

2 thoughts on “Semper Fi”

  1. The greatest generation indeed.
    I don’t know how many years ago my father and I took down a few trees in the yard. Our neighbor asked if he could come over aND take some wood for the winter. He was in his 80’s and planned to lug the huge portions of the tree to his yard to split and stack. I was annoyed when my father told me the job wasn’t done and that we had to split the wood even though we had no fireplace. When we finished we wheel barreled it to the neighbors. The old man was a bit dumbfounded and asked why we did that when he said he would do it himself. Pops just asked him “you were in WW2 right?” The old man knodded his head. As we walked home my father said to me ” he’s the reason we’re all not speaking German”. Blew my immature mind.

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