Bona Fides

ABOUT: Fly fishing, many things.

BIO: Author, journalist, expat Floridian




Devil in God’s Country

Moving To Water

Bonefish Perspectives

Cayo Hueso

Drinking Man’s Guide To Drinking

A Brief History of Ditch Fishing

We’re The People’s Front Of Bud’s Lounge

FLORIDA: Brownline South


Miami Vice, The Drake 2011

We Fish Econo, The Drake 2010

George Hommell Profile,

Bite Me, Boating Magazine 2002

Snakes On A Boat, Boating Magazine 2009

Where The Wild Things Are, Boating Magazine 2006

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28 thoughts on “Bona Fides”

  1. Hey Matt, upon closer inspection it looks like I used the same template as your “Upstream in Oregon” blog. Not intentional.

    Basically, here’s the really long answer: Last year I switched from blogger to this upstart provider called Eponym, and originally they were great, but then they seemed to pack up ship and disappear overnight. I could never get anyone from tech support ever, and they stopped their upgrade packages months ago I think. Basically I was blogging there without a net until I ran into bandwidth problems earlier in the week and decided to make the switch.

  2. Pete – much improved over the previous layout, IMHO. I’m sure you’ll be happy with the new software/service too – WordPress is a pleasure working with.


  3. Found through some other sites blogroll and just checked you out. i like your site and its layout. I will add you to my blogroll. You mentioned “In my real life I’m a dead tree journalist who writes about boats and related subjects.” Do you write for a publication. I am aspiring to write fishing articles and am always looking for other peoples stuff.


  4. schweet site. Found it thru the NYT food critics twitter list. Man am I behind the times. Keep up the great work. Nice tuna shot from December, reminded me of the nightmare!! Got one Yummy one, that was it…

  5. My name Steve Couper and I run a Video Production Company – Stealth FIlms – in Queenstown New Zealand. We specialize in producing hunting, fly fishing and wildlife documentary films.

    I wish to expand into the international market and was hoping you may help me to achieve this by viewing / reviewing my work, and if appropriate, placing your thoughts in your publication for your readers to absorb.

    Please take the time to view the movie trailer on my website so you can gauge the quality of my work.

    If you feel what I am offering will be of interest to your readers let me know and I will send a copy to you.

    In addition, and if you agree, I would like to have reciprocal website LINKS. I have provided my link to cut and paste into your own website below.

    New Zealand Fly Fishing DVD’s

    Look forward to hearing from you. Tight Christmas lines.

    Regards Steve

    Steve Couper
    P.O. Box 2149
    Queenstown 9349
    New Zealand

    T: +64-274-360-267

  6. As always, the blog is great. Especially like the page turn effect on the iPad. Was noticing that the pictures were not showing up on some of the older entries. Just my computer or …?

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