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FLORIDA: Amberjack

I spent a few hours on the water with Scott Hamilton targeting spinner sharks. We saw over 100 spinners but they were in no mood to eat flies.  Actually, we’d just got the game going when a completely clueless dude in a cruiser ran within ten feet of our boat, sending all interested sharks swimming for cover and ruining that game. 

We messed around with some reef fish as a plan B.  I caught my first ever amberjack on fly; a little one that still put on a bulldog fight. It looked a little something like this, give or take 100 pounds. (I forgot my camera.)

But to a larger point, if you’re cruising along in what is by all accounts a giant ocean, and you see someone fishing a spot, why do you find it necessary to pass by at close range? Stay away goddammit or we should be legally allowed to shoot at you.