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The Plane Crash Out My Window

I was talking to my boss on the phone when she stopped and said, “Someone said there’s a plane floating in the Hudson.”  We ran over to the west facing offices. There was.

At first we thought it was a movie prop. A plane floating along with the outgoing tide. Then two people came by and said they actually saw it fly in low over the water as if it were landing on a runway; then the nose cone submerged and then it floated along.

Someone grabbed binoculars. Holy fucking shit! That’s a real plane. Those are real people standing on the wings. What the hell is going on here?

We could see the patrol cars and fire engines roll down the street over to the waterfront by the Intrepid Museum. Fast ferries rolled out from their dockages on both the New York and New Jersey sides. It looked like they were rescuing a lot of people. It looked like a lot of people made it.

Now we’re all sitting around listening to news reports that seemed to take forever to come in terms of instant media. [Reality: about five minutes.] The early reports are that the commercial Airbus A320 hit a flock of geese.


[photo from Dan Long]