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PHOTOGRAPHY: Book Project Underway

Photo the exclusive property of Toshbrown.com

Those are the hands of Jason Puris of Thefin.com releasing a striper in the surf. Jason proved a huge help to getting our book project off the ground.

Tosh Brown took some awesome shots in incredibly harsh conditions and posted some of them here, in a lightbox on his site.

Now my job starts. Time to put some real thought onto the page, rather than firing off blog posts.

Thanks again to Jason, Paul Dixon, Jim Levison, John McMurray, Mike Warecke, and the Salty Fly Rodders of New York.

BOOKS: The Big One


“Open up that good book let it revelate to you.” –The Dexateens

Just got in a review copy of The Big One, a book by David Kinney about the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby, which is kind of a big deal around here (meaning the general northeast saltwater “here”). Some would call it a religious experience, and I can’t wait to find out if this book captures that. Reading commences tonight with a train beer.

Last Call

Striper Mug

Thursday is likely my last day on the water for 2008. Unless I can somehow find time to get out during the herring run or it gets really cold in December and I can hit the outflow at the Stacks. I was supposed to be on the water today but for the stupid jerkbag clipper system gale warnings.

It’s been a strange fall for Northeast salt and if the pattern continues next year, I’m moving to Montauk.

We’re Goin’ Streakin’

Not the kind of streak anyone wants to be on. I’m riding a cold streak in the home waters. None of the typical surface action has materialized like normal. But what’s worse, the fallback structure and rips that produce with blind casting aren’t producing (One 14-inch striper to show for the last three outings). Time to get in the car and go home. Do you think that KFC is still open?


Where are the gators? Now’s been the time for them to wreak havoc in the bays during fits of ruthless surface action. But they’ve gone deep, or disappeared. Sonsofbitches. The choices are laid out: Run east again or south to the ocean side, but that’s asking for a triple digit fuel bill. It’s been six-weight days pulling schoolie bass off shoreline structure and waiting for something big to show itself. The Forks are calling…