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Help a Stripa Brotha Out

Stripers Forever needs the dudes:

Dear Striped Bass Fisherman,
Our favorite fish is under more pressure than ever, and Stripers Forever, a free membership, internet-based organization, is fighting to end commercial fishing for wild striped bass and to manage the resource for personal use/recreational fishing.  We need as many members as possible to show the politicians how many people depend on striped bass for recreation, food, and income.
If you haven’t signed up yet as a member of Stripers Forever, here are a few things you should know:
Membership is free – no dues
There are no meetings to attend
Everything is done via the internet and e-mail
Many of the top fishermen in the country support Stripers Forever
Stripers Forever’s only goal is to make striped bass a game fish, which means it would be managed for the benefit of the recreational fishing public, now and for future generations
Here is all that you have to do to join – it will take less than a minute and costs nothing:
Select “Become A Member” from the top of the page.
Fill in the easy to follow sign-up sheet and submit.

Get The Bully Bugger, Support TRCP


Two of my heroes are named Ted. One is Ted Williams the baseball player, even though I’m a Yankees fan and he retired 11 years before I was born. The other is Teddy Roosevelt. I’ve been to Sagamore Hill, the “Summer White House” in Oyster Bay, twice in the last year alone. And as Marshall Cutchin from Midcurrent points out, TR’s dynamic and pioneering conservation record as President stands in stark contrast to the resource plunder Mr. Bush is setting in motion on his way out the door.

So, thanks Midcurrent, for posting this one. The Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership is auctioning off 150 limited edition Bully Bugger flies, pictured above, starting on December 1st. The auction is open to anyone who donates $150 or more to the TRCP.