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The Fishy Kid Adult Coloring Contest

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Fishy Kid, the org started by Cameron Mortenson of Fiberglass Manifesto and his buddy to help parents get their kids psyched about fishing through a kids coloring contest, is now running an ADULT COLORING CONTEST. Who’s got skills?


#1 Hit Blog

The Winner of the Blogger’s Ditch Fishing Gear Contest is:

Vaya con Dios Blanco Honky

Honky wins as per being the 31st comment, picked by Random Number Generator.

BLOG PROFILE: Since it’s the weekend and we’re too tired to email some questions, this is what we may or may not know. Blanco’s been putting up sophomoric hilarity for some time now. The proprietor possibly works in a fly shop somewhere and probably doesn’t need any of this stuff but he gets it anyway.

Picture 1
No lie.

Yacht Club please send correspondence as to where to send this paraphernalia.

Blog Flies


People ask, what’s the point of having a blog? You don’t make any money. There are, like, a million people doing it, and your words get lost in the clutter. You should be ashamed of yourself you stupid idiot. (That’s just Mom.) And I answer them thusly: Sometimes you get free flies.

A while back I sent Michael Gracie my Drift tickets. As thanks, he just sent me some killer poppers and clousers. [editor’s note: I am supposed to share a few with Jason Puris of The Fin but I think I’ll just tell him they never showed.] As a side bonus, he sent them along in a reusable plastic sandwich container. Thanks MG, they will be used and abused.

And, as a result of catching a bowfin on fly when I was trying to catch snakeheads, recording it for posterity with a photo, and sending it into the Roughfisher, I have more flies en route. (Photo of the Roughfisher flies to follow soon.)